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Lenovo Z6 Pro Might Be Able to Produce 100-Megapixel Pictures, VPReportedly Hints

Lenovo Z6 Guru's camera could possibly be effective at generating 100-megapixel pictures, VP Chang Cheng has allegedly teased. Cheng has posted concerning the Z6 Pro with a Chinese hashtag that translates to several billion pixels, which in return computes to 1000-megapixels. Obviously, we have seen Chinese businesses write amounts quite differently, and also a favorite Chinese technology novel claims it actually means 100 million pixels. This comes weeks after Qualcomm announced that its chips already have support for graphics with over 100-megapixel resolution. Such a characteristic is possible in the event the telephone can combine numerous shots of one framework and make one big picture.

Lenovo Z6 Guru camera features (anticipated )
Lenovo Z6 Pro Might Be Able to Produce 100-Megapixel Pictures, VPReportedly Hints
Cheng's article on Weibo has been seen first by IT Home. While teasing the Lenovo Z6 Guru's Hyper Video attribute, he utilizes a hashtag that contrasts to"billion amount pixels" from the article. This contributes to the speculation that the telephone may create huge pictures, but naturally, that really is maybe not the first time that the firm has talked about transferring "past 100-megapixel" for your Z6 Guru, and we are going to have to wait and watch this contrasts to.
Though, with Cheng's inclination to produce exaggerated promises, this might only be yet another misleading caption out of Cheng, and no this attribute will be incorporated to the Z6 Pro. Cheng has also posted another movie teasing in the cellphone's hyper video and superb macro skills.

There is little that's known concerning the Z6 Guru, in regards to specifications. The Z6 Pro is anticipated to include 5G service but it's theorized that a non-5G version of this Z6 Pro shortly after. It might probably be that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC, like the Lenovo Z5 Guru GT which has been started in Decemberthis past year, also have up to 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage.

The Lenovo Z6 Guru is place to be made accessible in June. A statement has been anticipated now, but right now, it appears like Cheng's teaser is we're getting.

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