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Russia Threatens to Block Popular VPN Services to Avoid Website Access

Russia's communications watchdog threatened on Thursday to block access to popular VPN-services that allow users to obtain access to sites that have been outlawed by Moscow.

Russia has introduced more demanding Web legislation, requiring search engines to delete any outcomes, messaging solutions to discuss encryption keys with safety providers and social networks to keep users' private data on servers over the nation.

However, VPN (virtual private network) services may enable users to establish secure Internet connections and attain sites that have been blocked or banned.

Russia's communications regulator Roskomnadzor stated it had requested the proprietors of 10 VPN solutions to combine a country IT system which includes a registry of prohibited sites.

When the VPN services connect into the machine, their customers wouldn't have the capacity to attain sites which were obstructed or be in a position to use the prohibited Telegram messenger support.

The Internet censor stated that it'd sent alarms to NordVPN, Hide My Ass!

"In the instances of non-compliance together with the duties stipulated by the legislation, Roskomnadzor may choose to restrict access to a VPN service," the watchdog said in a statement.

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