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Vivaldi 2.4 Update Brings Multiple User Profiles, ToolbarCustomisation, Built-In Calculator, and More

The Vivaldi browser's newest upgrade brings a ton of improvements and tweaks, for example, support for profound customisation from toolbars. The browser version 2.4 also has the capability to hide or move buttons involving pick toolbars. There is also a change in the way users handle and access bookmarks, as well as the organization has added support for multiple user profiles too. Furthermore, Vivaldi 2.4 has an integrated calculator. Continue reading for additional information regarding the new features which were released at the Vivaldi 2.4 upgrade.

Toolbar customisation at Vivaldi 2.4
Vivaldi 2.4 Update Brings Multiple User Profiles, ToolbarCustomisation, Built-In Calculator, and More
The brand new Vivaldi browser upgrade brings the capacity to configure toolbars according to regular browsing and usage needs. The users may also move buttons involving status and address toolbars, so they are now able to put the tab tiling, picture capture, and reload buttons at any location they prefer.

To transfer buttons from 1 toolbar to another, hold Shift while dragging a button and move them round the speech and standing toolbars. To reset the toolbars back to their default condition, right-click and choose"Reset Toolbar into Default".

Updated Bookmarks pub and multiple user profiles.

Bookmarks pub receives the capacity to produce folders for related websites. The tabs will be added into some date , which the consumers can handle through the bookmark manager. Vivaldi 2.4 additionally adds context menu service within folders for Windows and Linux users.

Every user may customise their browser and then configure it according to their demands. To change between profiles, the consumers can click the Profile button at the Address Bar.

Built-in Calculator along with other improvements

As stated previously, Vivaldi 2.4 carries an integrated calculator to Quick Commands. To use the calculator, then press F2, then input the equation and then press Input . Other changes which were introduced include more management of Tab Stack development, the ability to rename a Tab Stack using a double click, and capacity to start search results in a background tab.

"Our aim has always been to create Vivaldi the most customizable browser accessible. Today's update is another large step in this direction so that consumers may get more done without effort, at the intuitive and innovative manner possible," Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Vivaldi, said in a statement.

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