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Inbox from Gmail Is Now Officially Dead, as Models Stop Working

Before this month google attracted down the dividers Inbox by Gmail, but workarounds let fans to keep on utilizing the program. People who could not give up on the program downloaded APK variants of Inbox and people continued to operate good. Now users are currently reporting that installs of those APKs more function. It reveals each time they attempted with their Gmail accounts is an error signaled by them. This implies that of the old versions will eliminate support and consumers who cannot give up from Gmail on Inbox have no option but to achieve that.
We tried installing variant APKs of Inbox once the procedure is initiated, and an error message throws. The report says that Inbox from Gmail APK v1.77 was upgraded and they weren't able to find an old APK to operate. Inbox from Gmail v1.77 which has been set up on consumer devices was mechanically transferred to v1.78, using the Gmail transition message currently emerging.
Inbox from Gmail Is Now Officially Dead, as Models Stop Working
Those that are who've auto-updates switched , and on versions of Inbox, may have a Inbox program. A Reddit ribbon vouches for this, as some consumers claim that they still possess a functioning Inbox email program, but these users assert they no longer have been getting notifications for new mails and refresh additionally must be carried out manually. This implies that those few users that have a Inbox are on time.

After Google formally declared that Inbox from Gmail was closed down on April 2, old Android variations of this program, in addition to the iOS program, remained untouched . We are now able to affirm that the iOS program has stopped working as well following the shutdown.

This usually means that Inbox from Gmail is receding behind the hills, for it to grow up from the shadows, and now there may not be any workaround

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