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four stroke petrol engines

(1) suction stroke


→During thids stroke the piton moves frome TDC to BDC , the inlet valueionate fuel- air mixiture is sucked in the enine cylinder.

(2) compession stroke 

                                      (compession stroke)

in this strork ,the piston moves towards TDC and copmpressor the enclosed fuel air mixture drown in the engine cylinder during suction . both the inlet and exhaust valves remain closed during the storke.

(3) expansion stroke

                                       (expansion stroke)

→when the mixture is ignited by the spark plg the hot gases are produce which drive or through the piston frome T.D.C to B.D.C and hus the work is obtaoned in this stroke. a spark plug which ignites  the  mixture and combustion takes lace at constant volume (2-3) both the valves remain closed during the start of this stroke but when the piston just reaches the B.D.C the exhaust value opens. 

(4) Exhaust stroke 


this is the last strokes of the cycle. here the gases frome which tha work has been collected bocome useless after the completion of the expansion stroke and aremade to escape hrough exhaust valve o the atmosphere. this stroke the piston moves frome B.D.C to TDS and the exhauset gases are driven out of the engine cylinder thisis also cellend scavenging .

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